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Today, many young people in different parts of the world live their lives with a very low self-esteem. There are so many distractions that the world presents that makes it increasingly difficult for them to think about, let alone want to experience an encounter with God. For many young people, having to adapt to an increasingly indifferent and superficial society is a challenge, especially if the young person does not have a solid spiritual foundation. In such cases, he/she can end up being a prey to gangs, be susceptible to friend groups that use drugs, and confuse pleasure for love; simply out of their desire to feel valued. In the end, this becomes a vicious cycle that only takes them deeper into a spiral of sin and darkness, as these are poor solutions for man’s longing for Love, which can only be fulfilled in Christ.

CDJ – Youth Congress is an annual event where some 10,000 youth and young adults take a step away from the many distractions of the world, come together to experience a personal encounter with God, and have a Metanoia; a change of life. It is an experience that frees them from the pressures of society, allows them to see the endless possibilities of their life, and brings them to experience the glorious freedom of being children of God. CDJ is for young people who want to live a new transcendent life, free from ties or traumas that block them from overcoming their fears. The best part of this experience is being able to have the time and space to experience it with thousands of other young people who share the same ideals. Each year the youth look forward to participating in the musical concerts, with Catholic singers from various countries, adoring Jesus, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and learning from the conferences, with powerful messages and practical advice from international Catholic speakers. Come live this wonderful experience, and after CDJ, you will no longer be the same!