November 2023



Our Lord Jesus was asked many questions. Some were by the local people and others by the “Masters of the Law”, who did not like Him and wanted to lead Him into a trap and attack Him. According to Saint Luke, a question was asked by one of them. And I think the way the question is asked showed that it was likely asked by a local; I consider it a great question because it has to do with Salvation, Eternal Life, eternal perdition and death. This question shows a heartfelt interest in having an answer on how to avoid death and something for us to ask ourselves today.

Let us see how such a question was asked of Jesus and ponder His answer, as it conveys a Divine Revelation. And if we believe in Jesus’ Word, the answer holds the key to inheriting Eternal Life. The question is found in Luke 13:22-30 “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” Jesus replied, “make every effort to enter through the narrow door!” What does this mean? I think it is a call to fight, to make the ultimate effort, even if you have to suffer and cry in doing so, that you can enter through this narrow door, for such a narrow door is the gateway to Life. The Lord also reveals that only a few will pass through such a door. This confirms what we see in our time today. Few are seeking Jesus, few are attending their local parish, few are receiving Communion, and very few are serving their brothers as He commanded. Those who do what Jesus requires are struggling to enter through the narrow doorway that He commanded. Thus, the flock is small that walks the path of Salvation.

If you have heard God’s Voice in your heart and believe in His promise of Eternal Life, you are indeed part of the small flock that strives to enter through the narrow door every day, even as Satan tries to persuade you to go through the wide door through which, according to the Scripture, most people go. Let us not be surprised that most of our friends and family do not seek God, and many make fun of you and say that you have been brainwashed and led astray in your obedience to Jesus’ commands.

Jesus’ answer reveals what the final judgment will be like. The way He describes it makes us understand that, at some point, the narrow door will close, and many will be left outside the doorway where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. What does this mean? Let’s check Matthew 7:13-14, where a broad or wide door is described, which is entered by most people as a result of not recognizing the Love of God and in disregarding His instructions to enter through the narrow door. Outside the narrow door is interpreted as hell, eternal death. But those of us who have recognized that Jesus is the true path are called to serve Him by spreading the message to the rest so that they do not get trapped outside the narrow door. This is one of my reasons for serving humankind as I do so that no one is lost and everyone is saved so that no one is left outside the narrow door; the entrance to Heaven is the narrow door. Those who remain in the small flock know how to suffer and offer their sacrifices to Jesus to show their gratitude for His Guidance and Love.

One of the signs of those who walk through the narrow door includes being generous every day as they encounter life; and being grateful for everything they have received. Now, I understand that GRATITUDE is one of the distinctive traits of those who truly love God the Father, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary. Those who recognize the suffering that Jesus had to endure to save us also recognize that we are indebted to Him, and to partially pay such debt, we must surrender to service others just as Christ gave of Himself for us.

In the part of the Gospel where Jesus healed ten lepers, only one returned to thank Him, and Jesus asked, “where are the other 9?” (Luke 17:17), here we see the lack of gratefulness, which is a serious problem indeed. This confirms Jesus’ previous answer that only a few will be saved and enter through the narrow door. Not because God does not want to Save everyone but because God has granted us free will to choose the right or the wrong path. Nowadays, when someone is invited to something related to God, like a retreat or a parish event, very few attend, as opposed to a concert or a sports event, which are attended by thousands and thousands of people despite the high cost of the tickets. This shows that entertainment is more attractive to them than events that can uplift and save the soul.

Life, in essence, is a map where you can see the various paths to reach a destination. The Word of God says, ”there is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death.” (Prov. 14:12). Jesus revealed the true way, saying,” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE” (John 14:6) Jesus is the narrow door through which we enter. But we should bear in mind that this door of Mercy and Grace will shut one day, and those that chose to remain outside of Jesus will no longer be able to go through to Him, and those inside will be safe forever.

I pray to Jesus for you as you ponder this reflection so that you may be part of the small flock, that minority that struggles to enter through the narrow door and follow the path to safety. Given the fact that our enemy aims at placing us on the broad path, the wide door, we should say,” I can do all things through Jesus, my Lord and Savior, Amen!”

On the subject of GRATITUDE, I want to express my gratitude to each of you who have already donated to support the “United in the Mission” Journey. With your donations, we will be able to renovate and repair the roof of our Radio and TV studios in Chatsworth, CA, for every time it rains, we run the risk of flooding and damaging the equipment you have so generously provided for in the past. You still have the chance to participate! And again, thank you very much!

I also want to invite you to join me as I participate in the next virtual event of the Consecration to Jesus Christ Project that will begin on November 13. This experience of Faith and Encounter rekindles the call to be Catholics committed to Evangelization and the missionary work as the 73rd Disciple of Jesus. If you need more guidance or information about the I Am 73 Project, please dial (818) 912-5847 or e-mail

Of course, I also thank you, my dear Sowers, of Jesus with Mary, who support ESNE’s mission every month so that “no soul is lost, but all are saved.” Your contributions and prayers are a gesture of generosity and gratefulness. I pray that the Lord will bless you and meet your needs so that you never lack anything you need to live.