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Mother of goodness, our mother


For many, May is the synonym of Mother and Woman: the month devoted to our mother par excellence, the mother who told us through Saint Juan Dieguito from the top of the Tepeyac hill: “Am I not here, me, your mother? The Mother of the Lord for whom we live”, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

During the celebration of Annunciation (Rejoice, Mary, full of grace! Lk 1,28) humankind at large witnessed a very important event. Not only important for the Church, but for all kind-hearted and faithful men and women that joined in the Russia and Ukraine penitential and consecration act by Pope Francis who once again acts upon the request that our Heavenly Mother made through the 3 young shepherds in Fatima (Portugal), Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia in 1917. Our Lady of Peace concludes her request to consecrate Russia with a magnificent promise: “But, at the end, my Immaculate Heart will prevail. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and the world will enjoy a period of peace”.

Let us not get tired of praying and offering penance so that our Lady’s promise is honored by our Heavenly Father’s perfect will and the world can have the long-yearned peace for all nations and humanity.

Every May, when we celebrate our dear earthly mothers, I cannot help remembering my own mother, “Mama Chuy”, who is already in the presence of God for eternity and continues to honor the promise that she made to me before passing away. I know I have shared this story before, but I think it is worth sharing it again for those of you who receive this letter for the first time.


One day, when looking for some documents that I urgently needed, I came across a sealed white envelope with my name written in pencil at the center. I recognized the handwriting immediately; it was my beloved mother’s. After a pause to recover from the surprise, I was ready to open the envelope and read its contents.

I noticed the date. The letter had been written a few years before she died. It consisted in three small sheets where she captured what she had in her heart at the time. The letter was addressed to her son, I. She explained that she was feeling her life was getting shorter.

In her words, I discovered the magnificent heart of a mother who gives her life for her children, capable of crossing the oceans and deserts if necessary to provide for them. My dear mother was not perfect, of course. And I do not intend to make you think she was. However, she always expressed her love for God and family one way or another, with immense respect and keeping her own physical and spiritual pain out of sight.

She and I would always be close, from my infancy to her departure. It was a farewell letter. She says: “Son, forgive me for the past few years that you have had to put up with my ailments and diseases, and the grumpiness they cause in me. When I am gone, please do not get sad. I want you to know that wherever I am, I will pray for you.” This fragment of my mother’s letter, is the confirmation that a mother will always be a mother.


Let us celebrate the lives of all the women

During the month of May, when we celebrate motherhood and mothers, we should also CELEBRATE THE LIVES OF EVERY WOMAN, for the gift and trust that the Lord bestows on women is not limited to procreation. The maternal sense is already in their hearts. This is easily confirmed by all the great women who have consecrated their lives to God and service to others. Women who have voluntarily taken on the responsibility of becoming mothers of some other people’s children and have dedicated their lives to care for children that are not theirs, whom the love as if they were. This is a gift from God to women and all of us. No one can say that they do not have a mother, since we all come from one. And every mother, although imperfect, is a MOTHER FOREVER.

Today, I celebrate and congratulate all the women and mothers around the world. Specially our MOTHER in HEAVEN, SAINT MARY OF GUADALUPE, and her advocations as Queen of Peace, so that she does not stop interceding for this humanity that suffers the consequences of sin and the tragedy of the crimes committed when her Son is not recognized as the Prince of Peace, our Lord and Savior.

I also wish to express my love for my mother, who is with the Lord. I wish my mother would forgive all the headaches that I caused to her. And I apologize to all the mothers on behalf of their children for the times we have not noticed their tears and unconditional love. I pray to God so that you are abundantly blessed.

Also, I want to remind all the young people of the opportunity to seek reconciliation with their mothers and amend their behavior. Seeking forgiveness for offenses or faults and promising respect and abundant love in the future.

My dear readers locked in detention centers. Remember that you are not orphans. You have your mothers, wives, sisters, daughters… and they continuously pray for you to the Lord. But most importantly, the Virgin Mary is lovingly and thoughtfully watchful.


Let us continue united for the Cause of Christ!

Once again, I wholeheartedly thank you all the for joining “United for the Cause of Christ” (Unido a la Causa de Cristo) your support allowed us to purchase the 1430am radio station for Valle Imperial and Mexicali, B.C. Your prayers and contributions made a difference in the attainment of our goal to take Christ all over the world through radio and other media available to us (TV, Internet, social media, smartphone apps, etc.) We reach new places every day. And, most importantly, many lives and hearts are being transformed by the grace of God.
Thank you all for your prayers for myself and ESNE. I entrust your families, intentions and needs to Jesus Christ and our Most Holy Mother Mary.