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Lent is an occasion of hope for the Church. As the world moves through uncertain times, this ancient annual ritual touches the hearts and souls of so many people as a source of refuge, stability, and belonging in the midst of anxiety, crisis, and isolation. There is also revival that can come from the efforts of active Catholics and Church leaders who respond to this Lenten experience with boundless hospitality, radical acts of kindness, and unconditional compassion for yourself and others especially for the thousands of Catholics who are no longer active in their faith. Over the years thousands of parents have ask me “Noel, what do I do? my son, my daughter, no longer believes in God; they do not want to go to church anymore!” As we go about practicing the Faith we see so many empty parishes; some of which are only crowded on the holidays and feasts but during the week, only a few small groups gather. This trend is only increasing within the Church.

So much so that in 1969 Pope Benedict XVI, well before his pontificate began, said “we will soon have priests reduced to the role of social workers and the message of Faith reduced to political vision. Everything will seem lost, but at the right time, at the most dramatic stage of the crisis, the Church will be reborn. She will be smaller, poorer but also more Holy. Because she will no longer be the Church of those who seek to please the world, but the Church of the Faithful to God and His Eternal Law. Rebirth will be the work of the seemingly insignificant yet indomitable few, who passed through the process of purification. This is how God works. Because that’s how God works. Against evil, a small herd shall resist.” a prophecy that is becoming fulfilled in front of our very eyes, though there is still more to see. Clearly, this small flock, this small group will bring a new fire and through that fire we will see our Church reborn from the ashes of purification.

I certainly think that God has been calling us all, but only few have responded to His voice. God is preparing us to do His work in a hurting world full of evil, selfishness, and vanity blinded by the illusion of this world.

This is when we will see the true disciples of Jesus Christ; this small flock referred to by Pope Benedict XVI survive the coming flames. A group that is being purified and based on their faithfulness to God and the practiced of works of Mercy, will see the glory of God alive in them and the world!

I firmly believe that a time of revival in the Church is at hand, born of crisis and blessed of God. I am convinced that the CHURCH WILL REVIVE AFTER A TRUE ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS CHRIST. The true encounter results in the desire to do the Will of the Father through His Son, Jesus.

During Lent, I invite you to reflect on the words in this letter, so you can make this message yours and be part of that small flock. A flock that clearly sees the pain and suffering all around and resolves to be the one to apply the balm of gilead to the wounded world as Jesus. Therefore, I invite you to make the most of this Lenten time by making the greatest decision of your life; saying yes to Jesus and then consecrating your life to Jesus! Like Jesus, these 40 days are preparation for your public ministry. For the Church needs men and women moved by the suffering of others to bring an end to pain, suffering and eternal death. Men and women willing to act fearlessly out of love and to lead by example in both word and deed in these challenging times with a message of Hope and Resurrection; resurrection of everything that is dead in your life and in the lives of those you know whether it is in relationships, career, finances, health, etc. for we are called to Life in Christ and to enjoy it abundantly.

Let us never forget Jesus’ enormous promise that encourages us and gives us the strength to persevere with Him to the end “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have Peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world (John 16:33).” Jesus is the Resurrection and we care called to live in the Resurrection.

Dear Sowers of Jesus with Mary, I deeply appreciate your continuous support and your generosity; both your prayers and your monthly contributions to take this message of revival to 97 million people a day in 20 countries thanks solely to your continuous support. I pray to Our Father of Providence so that He may shed many blessings upon you and your families for the love with which you sow your seeds of Faith. I invite you to join us in prayer for our March 9-23 UNITED FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST; may no one be lost, but all be saved. I ask our Blessed Mother’s shelter and maternal protection upon you always, covering you and that the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be abundant in your heart as together we revive His Church on earth.

Sincerely, in the love of Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Guadalupe.