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A woman meets a man who is different from so many others she has ever met. What was her situation? She had definitely lived a life of great shame as a result of an extremely painful past. Just like every human being, she was looking for something to fill her heart; she sought happiness. Taking a look at her past, we can gather that she wanted a beautiful family and a loving husband who would appreciate her and provide the safety and protection that every woman wants, including her. The women of Samaria, her hometown, used to take water from a well every morning. However, this woman approached the well at noon, when the hot weather was at its peak because at that time of day there would be no other women around; likely she was ridiculed by the townspeople because she had 6 husbands and lived a socially painful past, ostracized she was most likely depressed. In our world today, millions are struggling with or have overcome one of the most common sicknesses of our time like depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia, and countless other mental illnesses.

For years, I have talked about this woman and every time I do, I imagine other ways to understand her life. This is the first time that I have seen and explained it like this; to encounter Him in the mundane is a testament to the relevance of God in everyday life; a unique and unforgettable moment.

At that time and in that place, the Jews and the people of Samaria did not get along very well. The Jews did not consider the Samaritans a part of the Chosen People like them, because they did not recognize the Temple in Jerusalem but established a different site in Bethel. So, the Jews rejected and discriminated against the Samaritans. The Jews even tried to avoid passing through Samaria, often resulting in a much longer walk to their destination. The well establishes that God is present everywhere and for everyone all the time.

Let me tell you the details of this encounter and her conversation with a man that was so different from the other men and the Jews she had previously met (John 4:5-28) As we already know, this encounter changed her life for she was not only offered “Living Water” but revealed that the man was in fact the Messiah, something that was revealed to very few up to this time.

After a true Encounter with Jesus, life can no longer be the same; there is a before and an after, and this applies to both women and men. Now, what feelings do you think emerged in the heart of this woman? She understood that this man did not want to take advantage of her. She felt special, not discriminated against, not about to be exploited, that her past would no longer be a burden for her to carry around forever. She felt accepted and loved just the way she was at that moment and in that place. She understood that her sin was no reason for her to be discarded but rather worthy of rescue, of redemption.

This scene has the power to change the way we see our lives, past, present, and future. An eternal, Loving and Merciful God is revealed to her as she goes about her daily life; for the first time God is relevant to her daily life because that is where He dwells, all around us. I do not know anything about your life, but I do know that we all need an “Encounter with Jesus” so that we can ask Him for a drink of the same water He offered to this woman. May we all pray this simple prayer in our heart, “Please, Lord, give me that drink”! For if we continue to drink from the well of this world, we will always become thirsty again. But if we drink the Living Water offered by Jesus, we will never be thirsty again; He promised this both in this world and the world to come!

Come join me. Our next Metanoia for Women will be February 26-27, 2022 at Los Angeles Convention Center under the slogan “Jesus, the source of Living Water; if you are thirsty, come and drink.” Don’t miss it!

This month, the month during which the United States celebrates Valentine’s Day, the day of love and friendship. I want to thank all the Jesus with Mary Sowers for their love and friendship as a part of the wonderful ESNE family. I invite you to enter a deeper relationship with this family by sharing in the family’s challenge of bringing the Living Water to millions of others with an additional donation either online or by calling 773-777-7773. Thank you for continuing to sow in the Lord’s vineyard so that “no one will be lost but everyone will be saved” (2 Peter 3, 9). Your support and prayers are making a difference in the lives throughout the Americas. And know that I pray for you too. May God reward your generosity with blessings.

In Christ, Shalom!