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In my previous letter, I shared with you the first two parts of a three-part epiphany I received from the Holy Spirit; today I am writing about the third part. It is about our project to live the New Year with the strength of the Holy Spirit; I am 73. Previously I shared about the Holy Spirit’s desire to keep all the areas of your life in ORDER, as God established for this world in the book of Genesis, at the beginning of creation; ordering, organizing, and placing each created thing in its place, all this ordering was based on a PLAN, which is the second part of the revelation. Order and Plan is what I shared with you before, today I will reveal MAINTENANCE as the third part of God’s Will and the application of the O.P.M. (Ordering-Planning-Maintaining) acronym for our lives.

MAINTAINING means to support, sustain, and maintain something important so that it can move forward. Maintaining order in your lives, your plans, with those around us and with God, will undoubtedly leads to progress, and this is where you must be perseverant and give maintenance to God’s Order and Plan for your life. Don’t forget that the first step is to meditate on what you must put in order, this means to hear God as revealed through His Spirit, to see clearly the things that are not in order so as to manifest the plan He has for you; for this we must ask God for wisdom to reveal to you the strategy and then execute the plan. In comes the third part, how are you going to keep it moving forward? For example, let’s look at the athlete who, to be competitive, keeps training the body, to be healthy, to maintain a good diet, planned medical examinations, and adequate exercise; the professional athlete keeps up with course work to constantly move their plan forward in an orderly way; think Hebrews chapter 12 and I Corinthians 9:24.

The key to maintaining is to continue do what must be done. You will always have three obstacles; first, the enemy who seeks to disorder you, second, your human nature which is sinful and third, the world, with the influence of the illusion it offers such as power and money. When you allow yourself to be carried away by the world it takes us out of the way of order and does not allow you to keep united to God in His Plan for you. However, good maintenance is to apply the Gospel in your life every day. Apple, who created the iPhone provides a manual, so that in it is all the information on how to keep its creation in good condition and if you have any problem it tells you what to do, because they know it better than anyone else. You have the Bible, which is more than a written manual, it is listening devise to hear the Voice of God and let Him direct your life, so you can stand firm in the midst of the illusion and carry out your plan in an orderly fashion. But, if we don’t read the instructions and follow them it will be difficult to keep everything moving forward, operating as intended by the Creator.

As Catholic Christians you have many resources to give maximum maintenance to your relationship with God. Living out the Sacraments, prayer, meditation on the Word of God, being a servant of Jesus, fasting and praying the Holy Rosary asking for the intercession of our Mother Mary. The O.P.M. lifestyle is embodied in ESNE’s project; I am the 73 to which I invite each one of you to be part of this Consecration to Jesus Christ. Implementing O.P.M. has kept me for in the path of the Lord for decades; I am now making this available to you. Discipline plays a very important role in all aspects of O.P.M.; if there is no constancy the door is open to sin where Satan takes advantage when you let down your guard. Jesus reminds you “he who perseveres to the end will be saved (Mt 24:13); with Christ everything is possible and together with Him you will fulfill God’s plan for you in an orderly fashion maintaining forward motion.

With these three words ORDERING, PLANNING AND MAINTAINING (O.P.M.) I give you an indispensable tool, the I am 73 project, to walk towards a fuller life hand in hand with Jesus. Take the necessary time to write down each step and advance in its fulfillment, you will see that great fruits will come in your life.

As you enter the time of Lent, I invite you to Consecrate yourself to Jesus just as the Presentation of Jesus in the temple by Joseph and Mary; besides inviting you to fully participate in the time of Lent, which begins February 14 when you have an opportunity to live out Ash Wednesday, please take advantage of these times in the Liturgical calendar to reflect, to refine the details in your O.P.M. (Ordering-Planning-Maintaining).

Thanks to each one of you, those who do not cease in prayer asking God the Father and His Son assistance in ESNE’s path of O.P.M. so that the work of evangelization for Spanish language people may continuously move forward and for the continued financial generosity of God’s people, like you, with your investment seed of love so that those who have not hear the Good News may.

I encourage you to take part in the Consecration to Jesus that is done online and encourage those who are already experiencing it to be persevere. If you want more guidance or information about this great faith project and encounter with I am 73 that revives the call to be Catholics with an evangelizing and missionary commitment as the disciple 73, please dial (818) 745-4398 or write to and one of our operators will help you.

I pray for you to Our Most Holy Mother Mary and Our Father to bless you and to bring you good in through this epiphany of His Most Holy Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours truly,
Noel Díaz.