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This newsletter will be different from others. You will see how God acts in relevant ways, in daily life even during these difficult times to further His Kingdom on earth.


In 2018, I felt a PRESSING DESIRE in my heart to reach tens of millions through a single radio station and Mexico City came to mind; from that moment of revelation, I devoted time and effort to discern if this feeling came from God and in that process I thought about the place that the Virgin Mary chose to show Her Son to us all at the hill of Tepeyac some 500 years ago. I asked the Morenita (a Mexican term of endearment applied to the Virgin Mary) if She agreed with my desire of taking Her Son to each heart through radio waves or, perhaps, more appropriately Heavenly waves in Mexico City. At the same time, I was praying for confirmation from the Father and Son on this desire; was this my selfish desire or from “above”, Heavenly Desire? Here, I will make this very long and complicated story short, though I will let you know all the details in the near future.

Let’s begin, I discussed this desire with my colleagues at ESNE and started the search for a station in Mexico City; our team in Mexico began to look for radio stations for sale. Despite the fact that we did not have any money, we were certainly rich in FAITH!

A few months later, on a mission to Guadalajara, to conduct a Metanoia event, I met with a group of benefactors that had supported ESNE in this city from the beginning. I explained to them my desire to have a radio station in Mexico City. I could see that they were both surprised by and deeply interested in the possibility. Within a few days, we started receiving some offers for stations in the range of 5 to 7 million USD.

ESNE’s finance team was concerned by this amount; where could we get this kind of money if we could hardly make ends meet now? They were right, but I kept on insisting based on Faith! For a moment, I thought that maybe God would touch the heart of a Mexican benefactor wishing to contribute greatly to this project. The project was presented to some business people, of which some showed interest in supporting it later on just not now, but I had offers now.

We met a group of Catholics owners of a number of radio stations who offered to sell the 1260 AM station for several million dollars. Although we had absolutely no financial support yet, negotiations continued until the outbreak of the pandemic. At that point, the sellers asked us for a final answer on the purchase of the station, yes or no! ESNE’s finance team was deeply concerned since they were praying a lot for ESNE just to survive the pandemic and maintain what we had, let alone take on a huge new endeavor like reaching the largest city in North America! I am sure they thought that I would bail on this desire based upon the uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

On a telephone call with the owners, our teams in Los Angeles and Guadalajara, I explained that we were unable to buy the radio station because no bank would lend us the amount they asked for; the only way to buy it was a direct loan from them. They kindly said yes provided that everything was set forth in writing. At the end of the meeting, everybody was surprised by my proposal of seller financing because I had not said anything about it to them before the call; it was divine inspiration, in the moment. I understood their concern and the uncertainty resulting from not having the money. Moreover, this new debt would increase our monthly payments to more than one hundred thousand Dollars for several years. Even I was in awe and thought, I just made a commitment; how can we honor it?

I started praying fervently to Our Father and to Jesus. I asked the Virgin Mary for Her intercession, my desire was for something to happen and happen fast. A few days later, I received a message from The Sower office telling me that someone wanted to talk to me with the aim of making a generous contribution to ESNE. Later on, at the studio, I was reminded to return the call to this prospective donor; and I did as soon as I finished my show. After a little conversation, the prospective donor asked, “Noel, do you have any projects at hand right now that need money?” I answered “I always have projects, but right now I have a major one.” I knew that this person and his wife have been Sowers for years; an unassuming family with a great heart for ESNE (they have planted their modest monthly seed for years). So, thinking nothing of it, I shared my desire for a radio station in Mexico City with them.

After I was finished talking, the donor explained that he and his wife had seen my posting on Facebook of a church where Sara, my wife, and I had stopped to pray; the posting was tagged “this church was open because it was being repaired.”

What the donor did not know was that Sara and I prayed in that church shortly after a meeting with the owners of the Mexico City radio station. Keep in mind that all churches were closed at the time due to the pandemic.

So, to find an open church was remarkable. Even more remarkable is that the man and his wife passed the same church the very next day and that his wife recognized the church from the posting, saying “Noel was here!”; they too entered the opened church and prayed. The man kept on explaining that after praying, they bought something at a nearby store and used the $5 they received in change to buy 5 lottery tickets; that very night they won the lottery. Upon learning of their windfall, the wife said, “you should call Noel because he has something to do with our winning the lottery. Call him!” It was on the call that they learned about my desire for the Mexico City radio station purchase; it was then that they understood as they put it “the money was not only for us, but for a great mission, so, when we get the money, we will support the purchase of the radio station” in Mexico City.

Their donation was the exact amount that Sara and I prayed for in the church that was open for repair. At that moment, I felt something huge taking place within my soul, a great stirring! Not so much for the money but the way God reveals what He has already prepared when you have Faith. Friends, today, the Church is open for repair with your Faith. I am certain that the Virgin of Guadalupe powerfully interceded and taught me a great lesson that the desire for the radio station was not human but the reflection of God’s desire.

We humans are so distracted by the illusion of this world that we often have a hard time understanding how our Father and Son (Divine Providence) act in this world, but they are active; all we have to do is listen and prayer is the hearing aid we all need to turn on in order to hear them. I said that a new version of the miracle of Tepeyac has been released upon the world, today. The Virgin of Guadalupe chose this unassuming, humble, and whole-hearted couple just like She had previously chosen Saint Juan Diego to perform great works of Mercy for Her people.

Jesus said, “… if you have Faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17: 20)

RADIO LA GUADALUPANA ESNE is la estacion del milagro (the miracle station) of the 21st Century! And it will be a means for the Salvation of tens of millions as it reaches more than 21 million people living in Mexico City and part of the States of Mexico, Queretaro, Puebla and other surrounding States for the Glory of God and His Salvation Plan for humankind. With the blessing of His Eminence, Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, LA GUADALUPANA ESNE was dedicated on July 31, 2021 in a Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe; the Mass also commemorated the 18th anniversary of ESNE TV’s first broadcast which emanated from the Basilica and the date that St. Pope John Paul II canonized Juan Diego at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. What began in Mexico City with Saint Juan Diego has now come full circle with RADIO LA GUADALUPANA ESNE, 1260 AM.

To take nothing away from the donor to the Mexico City radio station, know that this is not the first time something like this has occurred at ESNE. At the exact moment ESNE needed a life changing donation for KHPY, a couple, donated the exact amount needed enabling ESNE to honor its obligation to the seller of KHPY and acquire the ministry’s first radio station in North America; today it is the ministry’s first radio station in the largest city in North America, Mexico City.

So, what are we to make of these happenings? I recall Jesus on the Cross, when He said “it is Finished”, His final words to us. What is finished? God’s Salvation Plan; the opportunity exists for you and I to dwell there in that promise, in Jesus’ declaration that it is Finished, therefore nothing is impossible for you to do in this world because it is already prepared for you by God’s Grace. If you live life with that understanding and commitment as you go about your daily life you will see God’s Salvation Plan unfold in your life for your benefit and the world’s just like in the Mexico City of Saint Juan Diego’s day and today; in everything thing you do, begin with the end in mind because that is where the victory is. It is Finished. You think about that.

May God continue to enlighten you to act as He did through Saint Juan Diego by Faith to transform the world and repair His Church with the intercession of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Amen.