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I was reading and contemplating the most recent apostolic letter by Pope Francis, “Totum amoris est” (“Everything belongs to Love”). Which is based on the “Treatise on the Love of God” written by St. Francis de Sales, Bishop, and Doctor of the Church and highlights the spiritual view of this great evangelizer, who dedicated his life to spreading the Good Tidings of our Lord Jesus Christ by means of leaflets that he would distribute or pass under the doors of his neighbors. Pope Francis points out that Saint Francis de Sales’ approach to spiritual life had a remarkable theological dignity in which he stressed the importance of Love.

For almost four decades I have been devoted to evangelization and can confirm that no power or force can change the heart and life of a human being better than LOVE. In “Treatise on the Love of God” Saint Francis de Sales explains that as soon as we pay attention to God, we experience an emotion that makes us feel that God is the God of the human heart.

Pope Francis highlighted the following in his apostolic letter, “the experience of God is evidence of the human heart. It is not a mental construct, but an acknowledgement full of amazement and gratitude resulting from the manifestation of God.” The Pope explained that “Faith is not a blind movement, but an ability of the heart.” Through which men trust in a Truth that presents to the conscience as a “sweet emotion” capable of inspiring a corresponding and inalienable “wish-well” for each reality created, as he liked to put it.

We must understand that for St. Francis de Sales, there is no better place to find God or start looking for Him than the heart of each of us. Sharing a part of this apostolic letter with you rekindled my passion to continue taking souls to Encounter Christ so that His great Love may transform them.

Regarding Love, those of us who have undergone the experience of “falling in love”, can once again perceive emotions and feelings by remembering that by “being in love” something very special moved us and made us look for every means possible to spend time with that person. Many of us resorted to incredible feats to be with our loved one; sometimes we would even give up our family and many other things. I remind you of this so that we do not forget that when you genuinely love, you will do everything you can to be close to the person you love and stay in union so that we can get to know each other better. And thus, our love grows stronger; so much more with God.

I invite you to show our love to God in 2023 through constant prayer, to have a more intimate relationship, for praying with Faith and Love will not only make our love for Him grow but help us obtain many miracles and great blessings from the Father through His Beloved Son.

He told us in the Gospel of St. John 14:13-14 “and whatever you ask in My name, I will do, so that the Father may be Glorified in the Son. If you ask anything of Me in My name, I will do it.” Praying is to speak to God through the heart in a loving, honest, and lawful manner. By having Faith in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, believing fully that He is present and understands our situations and is willing to take care of our requests because He loves us “for everyone who asks, receives and the one who seeks, finds and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Luke 11:9-10)

Prayer leads you to the Lord’s presence. The more you pray, the closer you will get to the true communion with Him, and He will get you what you need. Make more time; incorporate into your daily routine moments of intimacy with the Lord, do it! This is the best you can achieve this year. And remember to ask Saint Francis de Sales to intercede on our behalf. Amen.

Planning – Precision – Passion are the 3 P’s with which ESNE and I have engaged to continue performing our evangelizing mission. And thanks to the support of our Sowers of Jesus with Mary, we will continue to reach more souls so that “not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9 maybe realized.

I also thank those who have already joined the “I am 73” Project through the Consecration to Jesus Christ. As I have shared, the Lord has in store many great things with this project. And He has proven this with the more than 2,500 souls that have already been consecrated to Him and those who will become consecrated this year. For more information, please visit and sign up for our next Consecration opportunity.

Ladies, I hope to see you in the next Metanoia for Women with the motto “Woman, value your talents”, on Saturday February 4th, and Sunday the 5th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Do not miss this opportunity to experience God’s Love, Healing, and a new Life in Christ!

I pray for you and your families and thank you for praying for ESNE and me. I encourage you to persevere with Faith and Trust under the motherly protection of our Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and our Lord Jesus Christ.