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A few months ago, on a Thursday at about 5 in the morning, I had an epiphany; the Holy Spirit came to me. I must share with you, my brothers, and sisters in the Faith the revelation since it became clear that, if I do what I was presented with that morning, we can fully experience what we have been called to do by God.

That day, I woke up feeling that I had already slept for about 10 hours but in reality it had been less than 5; I asked myself what was happening to me; I began seeing images of my family, work, apostolate, and myself; where was all this coming from? I eventually understood that what I experienced was sent to me by the Holy Spirit; a few hours after the revelation began I understood what it meant. My reflection on these events resulted in three meaningful words emerging, words with a meaning not only to me but to anyone desiring to have a broader perspective on life, keys to reaching higher levels of life beginning with the spiritual and then the human and eventually the social aspects of life.
The first word was ORDER, which means to arrange, organize. How could I attach the word “order” to the images I saw? The answer was simple and became apparent. If you looked at your image as a photo; is your relationship with God in order or are there still things that are not orderly? What about your personal life? Are you taking care of your body, which is the ‘Temple of the Holy Spirit’ as St. Paul said. Here are the answers, your body will be in order if you take care of it, if you feed it, and exercise, even if just walking enough so that it does not weaken. If you neglect these areas, instead of order you will have a mess in your life. I understood that you pay a high price when things are messy in your life. I understood that I should seek order in all the areas of my life, work, parish service, marriage, children, parents; the entirety of my family and friends. To achieve order, you must first identify what is messy, including sin which is a clear manifestation of disorder. Once we identify the areas that we must improve, we should ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment, just like King Solomon did. Our acceptance of the offer of Conversion is a sign that we have a mess and need reconciliation. And as soon as we encounter God, we must repent and go to Him like so many who approached Jesus seeking forgiveness did during His earthly ministry. John the Baptist baptized the repentant and incorporated them into the ORDER of the New Life planned by God for them to live here on earth.

I will not be able to discuss all three words in this letter, but I will continue in more detail in the next letters. However, today’s word is key, and I repeat it, ORDER! If we read the first few chapters of Genesis we see that there was chaos, an abyss, or disorder “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” (Gen. 1:1-2)

Genesis explains that “the Spirit of God was moving over the waters from the beginning”. This means that God was there in the midst of the chaos and on day one God said “let there be light”! The Light of God, by its very nature brings ORDER.

The second of the three words is PLAN. Words like planning are derived from it. Here again, Genesis contains life’s teachings in each of the Days of Creation, wherein God’s PLAN for order is revealed; a wonderful plan for human beings to create order on earth.

Therefore, if you have any mess, you must immediately establish a plan to manage it just as God did. This is what our Father showed us. For in the 6th day, God created man and woman in His Image, blessed them and gave them the mission to multiply and order the earth and all its creatures according to His plan. To assist He gave you the Holy Spirit inside you so that you know that you are not alone to address the chaos in your life but possess a powerful force to assist you. Just like the Spirit of God moved, it moves within you because you are made in His Image. God not only gave us a body but a Spirit to carry out our mission on earth. And our spirit can connect and unite with the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Holy Trinity. If we ignore what is messy and fail to stop and plan, we will never find order in life and suffer the consequences; but our Father does not want that at all. Quite the contrary, His commandments are about order and if we abide by them, we can enjoy the fruits of an orderly life planned for us; one of which is peace.

I have already made my resolutions for the New Year. And I invite you to embrace this plan so that we receive the great blessings that God has prepare for those of us who strive for order and who fight against the conformity of chaos and laziness that leads you to dwell in the abyss without a plan to guide your life and fulfill your God given mission.

In the beginning of the New Year, I pray for you and your family so that we put all our Trust and Faith in Jesus and return order to our lives and households according to His plan. May we overcome each and all the obstacles in our way. Remember that you are all really important for us, you are our great Sower family, and we shall forever thank you for your praying and economic support to spread God’s order and plan to great effect in 19 nations.

The New Year is more than turning the page in the calendar, it is an opportunity to turn the page in the direction of your life for the coming year. I invite you to consider taking part in the Consecration to Jesus project this year. Our first online group for 2024 will start on January 23. If you want more guidance or information about this great Faith project and Encounter that revives the call to be Catholics with an evangelizing and missionary commitment as the 73rd Disciple of Jesus, please call (818) 912-5847 in the US or write to and one of our representatives will help you.

I entrust you to the shelter and protection of Our Most Holy Mother Mary and pray to our Father God to bless you and bring you good in this upcoming Epiphany of His Most Holy Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours truly,
Noel Díaz.